Thursday's Thoughts

I am with you always.

I am with you always. - Jesus

Thursday's Thoughts

It is more blessed to give…

Acts 20:35

Is there something in your life right now where you think you should do something, give someone else your time or your talent? Maybe you’d rather like to receive something than give it away. Maybe you think you’ve earned it; you want some input before producing output. But think about what Jesus would want you to do. As a general rule, “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.

Thursday's Thoughts

Knowing everything

This week we watched the movie “The Circle” as a school event (For the record: I wouldn’t recommend it!). But there was one quote that stuck out to me:

“Knowing is good. Knowing everything is better.”

Do you agree with this? Would you like to know everything?

Well, I wouldn’t. It would be, at the very least, overwhelming – but rather terrifying! Our minds are just not made for it. No, I’m actually really glad we can leave this to our Father in Heaven ūüôā