Friday's Four Favourites

Grade 11, a Bus Driver, a Blog & a Warm Bed

1. Grade 11

Yes – it is quite demanding. But no – it is definitely not terrible! Since we’re not in set classes anymore, I’ve already got to know some great people – in just three days! 🙂

2. Bus driver

My siblings and I often talk with the bus drivers when we’re on our way home from school and we invited one of them to dinner two days ago. It was a really great time! Continue reading “Grade 11, a Bus Driver, a Blog & a Warm Bed”

Friday's Four Favourites

School, My Room, Bible Lettering & My Favourite Songs

1. Back to school

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually anticipating school! I feel fully rested and am looking forward to set my head to use again.

2. My room

I’ve been cleaning, tidying and rearranging my bedroom this week – I hope the new order will help me keep everything organized. Continue reading “School, My Room, Bible Lettering & My Favourite Songs”

Friday's Four Favourites

Time, another Camp and Blogaversary!

1. Time for myself

I know I’ve already said this multiple times, but I just love having so much time to recharge 🙂

2. Camp

This last week there was another bible camp in my region, this time for young adults. Sadly, I’m still too young to attend it, but I was allowed to come to the sermons in the evenings. It was such a great time! Continue reading “Time, another Camp and Blogaversary!”

Friday's Four Favourites

England, Friends, Anticipation and a Really Random Little Detail

1. England!

Okay, I can’t really say this yet – I’m writing one week prior! But I imagine it must be one of my favourites by the time you’re reading this 😉

2. Two of my best friends

I’m surprised I didn’t include this earlier, since my two friends from church are the best in the world 🙂 Thank you for encouraging, inquiring after and praying for me! Continue reading “England, Friends, Anticipation and a Really Random Little Detail”

Friday's Four Favourites

Anticipating, Giving & DIY-ing

1. Holidays!

Anyone thought I’d forget this one? 😀

2. Anticipating…

… two things: Next week I’m going to go to England and spend a week there with my best friend – it’s gonna be so much fun! And after that we’re going to a Christian camp for kids – as first-time “supervisors”. I’m really looking forward to it! Continue reading “Anticipating, Giving & DIY-ing”