Friday's Four Favourites

School, Choir & Youth Service

1. It’s over!

My Spanish presentation is over! Thank God (literally)!

2. One Voice Children’s Choir

I’ve been LOVING to hear their covers this last week ❤

3. Youth service

On Sunday evenings in the winter months there’s a youth (church) service about half an hour from my home; this is the third year taking part in it for me and the second year helping out. It starts in nine days, and I’m really looking forward to it!

4. Weekend 😀

Only six more hours of class – weekend, here I come!

Friday's Four Favourites

Three videos & one blog post :)

1. New song from KHS

Have you already heard the original song “Anywhere with you is home” by Kurt Hugo Schneider? Definitely go check it out, his music videos are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. ❤

2. Video editing

I’ve put lots of effort into video editing this last week, and it’s so great to see it all just come together!

3. Post about devotionals

Go take a look at this blog post from Project Inspired about 5 Devotional Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

4. Incredible artist

This artist, Heather Rooney, draws incredible, life-like pictures and shares the process videos on Youtube! Check out this one of Taylor Swift, another one of Hermione Granger and yet another one of a lion!

Friday's Four Favourites

Urban sketching, a movie & a new month

1. New month, new goals!

This month is the first I’ve set myself specific goals 🙂  Go check them out on my Instagram!

2. Urban sketching

I’ve almost finished my first piece of urban sketching! I only have to decide how to colour it in…

3. Legally Blonde

Okay, this is NOT the kind of movie I usually watch, but… it is sooooo funny 😀 Watched it two times this week; once with mum & sis and once with one of my two besties 🙂

4. November spread

I absolutely love this month’s spread in my bullet journal ❤

Friday's Four Favourites

Random favourites

1. Feeling productive

You know that good feeling at the end of the day when you really feel like you’ve got something done?

2. Best friends

Those besties you can talk with about anything, anytime, anywhere – thank you so much, I love you ❤

3. Holidays!

Last day of school! One whole week of bliss lies before me…

4. Learning to “Let go & let God”

It’s a process, but I’m getting there 🙂

Friday's Four Favourites

Insta, Bujo & Narnia

1. New Instagram Background

I really like the new background for my Instagram feed 🙂

2. Narnia Week in my Bullet Journal

This week’s theme for my bujo is Narnia, and I’m in love with it ❤

3. New Daily Bullet Journal Setup

I’m also trying out a new setup for my bujo (dailies instead of weeklies); it’s been working great so far!


Oh wait, did I already say that?

Friday's Four Favourites

Everything artsy

1. Trying out new things

I’m in the stage of just trying to create in ways I’ve never tried before – whether it’s a new system in my bullet journal or anything else creative.

2. Watercolour

I’ve never really liked drawing with watercolour, but now I’m just enjoying doing something new, even if it doesn’t look perfect – it’s just practice!

3. Youtube videos

I’ve been watching WAY too many youtube videos about sketching, drawing, painting, etc. But its’ really fun 🙂

4. Plans for the future

Next week I wanna go to the library and look for books on different drawing techniques, just to broaden my horizon. And I want to walk through my small town and try my hand at urban sketching.

Friday's Four Favourites

School and the like

1. TED

You know TED? It’s a platform with I-don’t-know-how-many talks about every imaginable topic in the world. Inspiring, funny, jaw-dropping.

2. Maths

Had a ton of maths to do, and absolutely no clue how to. But, “luckily”, my big brother was there and helped me understand it 🙂

3. Holiday!

Tuesday was a holiday here in Bavaria ❤ Continue reading “School and the like”