Saturday's Song

Just Be You

Just be you (Anthem Lights feat. Sadie Robertson)

No one can do it just like you
Something magic in the way you move
You’re original, you know it’s true
Don’t let anybody take your tune
You ain’t got a single thing to prove
You’re original so just be you
Just be you

You’re one of a kind
The kind of once in a lifetime
Not just another face in the crowd
You light up a room
With the light that’s inside you
Don’t be afraid to let it out

So hold your head up
Don’t let anybody get you down Continue reading “Just Be You”

Friday's Four Favourites

Random favourites

1. Feeling productive

You know that good feeling at the end of the day when you really feel like you’ve got something done?

2. Best friends

Those besties you can talk with about anything, anytime, anywhere – thank you so much, I love you ❤

3. Holidays!

Last day of school! One whole week of bliss lies before me…

4. Learning to “Let go & let God”

It’s a process, but I’m getting there 🙂

Wacky Web Wednesday

True story… (2)

Continuing Education Meets Continual Aging

(This story involves my aunt, who has gone back to college. She is 54 years old. It’s the first day of class and she’s arrived early as she is a very punctual person by nature. She is seated at a desk near the front of the classroom.)

Student #1: “Oh, hello! You must be Professor [teacher’s name].”

Aunt: “Nope. I’m a student, just like you.”

(At this point, Student #1 takes a seat. Four more students enter, one after another, and each also assumes my aunt is the teacher. She continues to explain that she isn’t, remaining pleasant but obviously becoming a touch annoyed as the assumptions continue. Finally, the actual teacher enters. The teacher sees my aunt, pauses, and then looks around.)

Teacher: “Hm, I could have sworn this was my classroom. Sorry to interrupt!” *smiles, waves at my aunt then leaves the room*


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