Thursday's Thoughts

No matter what.

No matter how unsuitable, inadequate or insufficient you feel,

No matter what you or others say or think about you,

No matter how you feel,


God chose you. Continue reading “No matter what.”


What’s going on

I’m back – yet again! And this time I’m staying home for some time longer 🙂

But we’re going into the fifth week of our six-week summer holidays, and I haven’t really had any holiday time yet…

The first week we went to our grandparents for a few days. On Sunday, my friend and I started our travel to England, which lasted to the following Tuesday. A few days to unpack, catch up on blog posts and pack again, and then it was off to camp on Friday. I came back the day before yesterday; first thing I did was shower, and after that I went straight to bed! Continue reading “What’s going on”

Saturday's Song

Amazing Grace

I’ve recently discovered hymns again – you know, those classics that seem a bit boring at first, but are actually quite beautiful.

The most classic of all must be “Amazing Grace” by John Newton (1725–1807). It has been sung in countless versions for more than two hundred years – whether in a church or a studio, by old or young, acapella or instrumental.

But no matter what version, the message behind it stays the same:

By the grace of God I am what I am. (1 Cor. 15,10)

Only by the grace of God! Continue reading “Amazing Grace”