Friday's Four Favourites

A week, a dog, my Prayer Journal and a blog post

1. One more week!

I can’t believe it. Just one more week and I’ll have finished 10th grade! Here in Germany, the shift from 10th to 11th grade is very important, and there’ll be many changes. I’m a little anxious about it, but I think it’s actually gonna be really good and help me grow in many different ways.

2. Peggy

At the moment, the dog of our relatives is staying with us while they are on vacation. Peggy is such a sweet dog, and I love her! ❀

(Well, sometimes she is a bit annoying and …*cough* dumb *cough*… but that’s just like dogs! If you want to have a good laugh about these wacky animals, you should visit my last blog post πŸ˜‰ )

3. My Prayer Journal

I’ve been using my prayer journal a bit more for the last week. I set it up similar to a bullet journal, and I love doing my quiet time with it πŸ™‚

4. This blog post

This blog post on has been very helpful. It’s about fighting sin and temptation, which is something I have struggled with lately. You should totally go check it out!


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