Wacky Web Wednesday

Wacky: funny or amusing in a slightly crazy way

Moving on… today it’s time for Wacky Web Wednesday!

“Wacky”: funny or amusing in a slightly crazy way

And yes, I looked it up in the dictionary… it’s quite a funny story, actually, let me just tell it:

Maybe you’ve noticed that all my categories are alliterations [my Latin teacher would protest and say that two words are not an alliteration, but whatever ūüėČ ]. So as I was in desperate need of a word starting with “W”, I took out my 5-pound-dictionary and began searching for a suitable one. And voil√°! The fifth entry was exactly the word I needed!

But all kidding aside, we’re turning to the serious part:



Let’s start with a prime example of some slightly slow thinking [anyone notice that prime example of an alliteration right now?!]:


Some very, very stubborn officials:


A mere technicality:




And, last but not least, the sandwich:



See you tomorrow!

May ūüėÄ

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