My Daily Categories

I actually got my inspiration for starting this challenge (blog every day for 6 months) from a fellow blogger: Kelli over at currentlykelli.com has some great tips on how to hold up with a daily blogging schedule.

One of those tips is to have daily categories along which you can orientate yourself; so I’ve set some up for myself:

  • Motivated Monday – A motivating/inspirational/challenging quote for the week ahead to lift up our moods on these pesky Mondays!
  • Thankful Tuesday – Something I wanna thank God for.
  • Wacky Web Wednesday – Fun things I found on the World Wide Web 🙂
  • Thursday’s Thoughts – What’s going on in my head at the moment, a prayer, random stuff.
  • Friday’s Four Favorites – Just a list of four somethings I love ❤
  •  Saturday’s Song – A song I love.
  • Sunday – My free day, whatever I feel like…

Of course, this is not a strict rulebook; it’s supposed to be more of a guideline. So if I don’t follow it on one day or another, you shouldn’t be surprised 🙂

See you tomorrow at our first Motivated Monday!


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