Motivated Monday

“Storms don’t last forever.” quote
Remember storms don’t last forever. Never mistake a season for your future. It too will pass.
Saturday's Song

“Sometimes you gotta stand apart from the crowd”

This last week, I’ve been listening a lot to a very inspiring, strong and beautiful woman of God: Mandisa.

Mandisa is a singer/songwriter who talks very honestly and openly about going through difficult stages of her life. Her songs are encouraging and simultaneously challenging.

“Born for this” is a song she wrote for the project “Music inspired by The Story”, which is a compilation album of various Christian artists inspired by scripture – in this case, the story of Esther. Continue reading ““Sometimes you gotta stand apart from the crowd””

Friday's Four Favourites

The Bible, two backgrounds & Last Day!

1. The Bible

As I said yesterday, I’m learning to love the Word of God – it calms me down whenever I feel down-hearted in any way (read about it here).

2. Mobile phone lock screen

I have a self-made background for my mobile phone right now – and I love it! I designed a card for someone, but then it turned out so well, I decided to scan it and put it on my phone:

Phone background Continue reading “The Bible, two backgrounds & Last Day!”

Thursday's Thoughts

A bible on my lap

You see, school’s almost over.

But still the curriculum bugs us: “You forgot to go through these topics, and you still have to do this presentation… oh, and do you remember that test?”

In this case, we had to give a presentation in groups of six. We had two hours in school and in case that wasn’t enough, we had to finish it at home.

It wasn’t enough – not nearly. Continue reading “A bible on my lap”